Posted on Jun 3, 2020

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Interspousal Transfer Deed

The Interspousal Transfer Deed form is a document that allows interests in real estate to be transferred between spouses. The Interspousal Transfer Deed form allows you to specify the appropriate exclusion so that the transfer does not trigger a reappraisal of the real estate for property tax purposes. Some common uses of the Interspousal Transfer Deed form include the following transfers:

To a spouse's trust.
To a trust for a surviving spouse of a deceased spouse.
From a trust to the spouse of the settlor of the trust.
From joint tenancy to community property
From joint tenancy to tenancy in common
From one spouse to both spouses
From one spouse to the other spouse
From both spouses to one spouse
To relinquish any community interest and to vest said property in the name of the grantee as his/her sole and separate property
You can choose to prepare either an Interspousal Transfer Quitclaim Deed or an Interspousal Transfer Grant Deed.
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